Google I/O Update 2018


Google recently had their developers I/O keynote on May 8-10,  and announced most of their upgrades about Google Assistant, Android P and other components. Google Duplex, the tech giants upgraded AI and machine learning technology, has grown to new heights and has been collaborated with the Google apps including the Google Assistant, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Lens, Waymo – Self-driving cars and in the system and Android P.

Major updates from the Google I/O convention : 

1. Gmail got a major updates based on the AI based prediction and using the algorithms, the AI predicts the next word or the series of words. It will be visible in the current line of typing and pressing tab lets you use the suggested text.

2. Using the face-detection based on the pictures, the system will suggest the person on the picture and ask you to send the photos to the person. For a meeting and party, the photos can be shared easily to the exact person via the photos app.

3. Photos app have been much powerful, that most of the pictures will be much realistic or made much better. Editing the old black and white photos to the best color combination without affecting the overall photo is a great feature in Google photos.

4. There are now 6 different voices of Google Assistant on the new update. User can choose any voice they like and use it on the app.

5. Google assistant will act like your personal assistant and make the AI with a deep-learning about the speeches and also the nuances, making the conversation humanistic. You can ask Google assistant to make an appointment to a hair-stylist and it was shown on the convention, real-time.

6. Google maps street views lets you know where you are and helping you make the decisions easier by getting suggestions about the restaurants, travels and letting your friends to vote on it. Sharing of links and messages for collaboration is handled pretty well.  Smart displays collaborated with other camera and monitors will be launched very soon.

7. Android P , focused on the 3 major factors – Intelligence, Simplicity and Digital well-being. Android P features adaptive brightness, slice tools which are prediction features to make your search options much easier.

8. Tracking with what you are using on the new Android version, you will be taken a look at what applications take most of your time on your dashboard.

9. Shush – a new do not disturb feature does not give any vibrations or even visual interactions as a notification.

10. Wind Down – is a do not disturb mode that makes your phone into gray-scale when it thinks it is time for your sleep.

11. Navigation combining the camera, the computer vision, street views and maps to know what is around you and where you actually are.

12. Google Lens can understand and read words and copy and paste words from a photo to text. Click a picture and google lens will tell you about what is the thing and basic info about the thing in the picture.

13. Waymo – the driverless cars use the AI to prediction and perceive the environment around them. By using the lasers, radars and applying machine learning, pedestrians can be accurately detected.

14. Google news lets you understand the news with more details. Providing the authentic and relevant news is Google News major performance upgrade.

Finally, all of these updates will soon be available in around 12 android brands and in all of the android based smartphones by the end of this year.

Source : Google Events.