Bluetooth 5 : An upgrade on ever-growing wireless connectivity

bluetooth 5

Bluetooth is the global wireless for simple, secure connectivity for allowing two devices to talk to each other in the same language.  Bluetooth is the foundation for transformative wireless connectivity. There’s no central access point needed, as there is with Wi-Fi, so the two gadgets can talk direct – your phone and your computer maybe, or your wireless headphones and your smart TV. With the Bluetooth 5 coming, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced the new version to have longer range, faster speed and larger broadcast message capacity along with better interoperability and coexistence with available wireless technologies.


Key updates for Bluetooth 5 :

4x range : Allow whole home and building coverage with more robust and reliable connections.

2x speed : Higher speed facilitates more responsive and high performance devices.

8x broadcast message capacity : Increases data sent for improved and more context relevant solutions.


bluetooth 5

Moreover, it will be able to co-exist within the increasingly complex IoT ( Internet of Things) environment.
Bluetooth 5 kit will be fully backwards-compatible with older hardware for now.

Devices like Apple AirPods use a specially tweaked version of Bluetooth.
Wireless tech is more than good enough to provide a seamless and stable experience for all kinds of purposes, and with Bluetooth 5 now available, we can expect the number of devices to keep on growing.

ABI Research has expected that for the 48 billion internet-enabled devices to be installed by 2021, one-third will include Bluetooth.
Bluetooth 5 has been expected to be released by May 2017.

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