18th Street Festival in Pokhara for 2017


2017 is just knocking at the door. Obviously, you are searching for destinations that you can visit with your friends and family to welcome the new year. Pokhara – heart of the paradise city must be on your minds.  Just what you want for the New Year, a long 3.5km of party zone where you enjoy every moment as you go.

Here lies this beautiful place for you to let yourself loosen up and free. The relaxed ambience in the lake gets you going. Come with us and enjoy the serene view of the mountains and the Fewa Lake.

We provide you with wide array of sitting arrangements coupled every evening by traditional, folk and cultural dances. For live music cravers, we have it every evening .

So, you have it: the perfect place to be and party in Pokhara.

” Eat, dance and enjoy on the streets” is the slogan for the 18th Pokhara Street Festival being organized from 28 Dec. 16 to Jan 01 2017. Since, the party is being organized every year, the organizers know what you just want; and are ensuring that you get the best of Pokhara.

As for now, Lakeside is beautiful like a new bride.



REBAN ( Restaurant  and Bar association) has just been organizing these street festivals for quite some time now and it has been gaining lots of popularity through the national and international tourists. The best artists, bands from all over the country will be performing here.


Celebrate with us .

Wishing you a Prosperous and a Happy New Year 2017.

For more info : pokharastreetfestival